About Us



  1. Seeds of Pragyawan were sown in 2000 when the key stakeholders of the company executed their first telecom project under a different entity.

    Since then, we have done more than 100 projects for the telecom, IT and electrical market; during this period we also launched one of India’s first tablet in the retail market.

  2. In 2011 the formal entity—Pragyawan Technologies Pvt. Ltd.—was incorporated.

  3. Riding on the technology bandwagon and advent of online markets in India, we launched a full-fledged retail company offering a range of telecom and electrical products directly to consumers.

    In 2014, we also started our Offshoring Business Services division by establishing GlocalView in Norway.

  4. During this period, we won and executed many large-scale projects across different industries and customer segments; notable ones into supply of mobile equipment like CLIP phones to India's leading telecom provider.

  5. For us at Pragyawan, this is just a beginning and with our young, dynamic and ‘go-getter’ team, we are poised to make a strong mark in the Indian business industry.


Deliver affordable to our customers, along with ease of operations

Drive the new era through innovation and integration of state-of-the-art technologies

Focus on quality and on time delivery for all products and services

To be among the best service, support and maintenance company in India in all the industries where we have presence