Our humblest pursuit at Himalayan Yogi is to bring forth lifestyle products & guidance which enables us in restoration and maintenance of our primordial self. We believe the task bestowed upon us is to impart the ancient vedic methodolgies and value system for a holistic well-being in the modern times.




The Process

With an ever evolving approach as adopted by the ancient seers while chalking down the founding principles of Ayurvedic Sciences. We too are looking intrinsically to find contemporary solutions with optimised support from relevant technologies.

We follow a quality process, which is in sync with Ayurvedic approach of healing i.e. neurological to physiological, we call it :

The Process

The Seed

Each morning, when our factory staff gathers to begin their workday, they salute and thank the creator for his creation and pledge to serve the creation as a co-creator and in their best spirits. When herbs are mixed or prepared, a seed mantra is often recited to empower the herb’s properties by enlivening all the five elements: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. Seed are the essence of all other mantras.


The Himalayas, venerated as the abode of the enlightened, have been a destination of great significance for reserachers and healers from across the world. We source many of our herbs from the Himalayan high altitude terrains, we take a herb’s source seriously because this influences potency, bioavailibitly, and digestibility.

As harvesting methods impact the environment, we make sure our suppliers chose best practices to cultivate these herbs sustainably and with the lowest impact possible.


Cosmic Web

Everything in life is a part of the cosmic web; humans, societies, animals, and nature are interdependent - what affects one affects all. This interdependence brings an inevitable responsibility, to protect the vast Himalayan ecosystem which has been so generously bestowed upon us by the mother nature.

Ecological Responsibility

We have chosen to keep our manufacturing and packaging facilities away from this ecological paradise, in an effort to minimize resource exploitation and nullify all emerging possibilities of any probable carbon footprint by us. We seek opprtunities to contribute and collaborate to bring forth a solid roadmap to protect and preservare this bountiful treasure of flaura and fauna.

Ecological Responsibility

“O humanity, agree and be united together,
let your mind be one in harmony,
Let the object of your thoughts be the same.
Let your law be common and let your hearts be united together.”

- Atharva Veda [6:64:1-2]