Like a family doctor, we are warm, approachable, caring and accessible. We believe in intensive one on one service by dedicating a well trained high quality Relationship Manager to every single client of ours. We are known for our robust product appropriateness and incidental advice related to mutual fund distribution. With our highly ethical service, ability and continuous monitoring, you lead a life without financial worry.


Services For Existing Customers

Score Card


The first step , easy and quick, great tool for budgeting, identifying and prioritizing your goals- results in a financial plan which allocates savings for each goal to different assets and products. You can always see your financial scorecard and can also amend and update.

Online Execution


We execute completely-your time spent is minimal. All transactions can be done online. We go a step higher where we fill up everything and a link is sent to you for approval. It makes geographical location redundant. You can transact from any city very easy for NRIs too.

Portfolio Statement


Distinctive goal based portfolio statement with notional target amounts and dates. Always updated portfolio details include total and scheme wise details, asset allocation, transaction dates, returns, dividend history and much more.

Goal Progress


You will see your financial plan and all quarterly portfolio reviews which assess the goal wise progress of your portfolio and what action steps we are taking every quarter based on your personal objectives and latest market conditions.

Constant Communication


Thread communication seen by RM and senior management too- great way to ensure excellent response time. No frustration in unanswered calls or e mails. Also our family doctor approach where we try to help you with all your financial concerns.

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Our Value Addition

  • Highly trusted & ethical

  • Financial Happiness

  • Financial Freedom

  • Achieving important goals

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager

  • One on One intensive and caring service

  • Life without financial worry

Customer Profile & Testimonials

Our customers come from a variety of backgrounds and companies...

Rishiraj Chowdhury, Online Sales & Operation Mang, Google

Finance Doctor with their ethical and principled approach made me realize...

Ruchi Chouhan, Manager, Capgemini

I was worried about a number of issues in my life, notably my children's education...

Krovi Sharma, Software Architect,Amazon

I was unaware that declining intersesr rate could be a great opportunity...